Common misconceptions about umbrella insurance

Umbrella insurance is a specialized type of insurance that offers protection above and above the terms and conditions of other policies. Here is what is typically covered by umbrella insurance: Injuries, property damage, specific litigation, personal liability issues, and more. Understanding umbrella insurance might not be easy, especially because there are myths about it.

TAS Insurance Agency serves clients in Phillipsburg, NJ and nearby areas. Here we debunk some of the umbrella insurance myths.  

What Are The Most Common Misconceptions About Umbrella Insurance?

  • Umbrella insurance is very expensive. The cost of this insurance type is determined by the risk. When it comes to insurance, the cost increases with risk. Therefore, you will spend more if you wish to insure expensive assets and you have young drivers in your family. 
  • It is only for people with significant assets. One of the most widespread misconceptions about umbrella insurance is that it is only necessary for people with substantial assets. This is not true though. Even if you do not have much property, a lawsuit can bankrupt you.
  • Umbrella insurance covers jewelry, works of art, electronics, etc. The harm you cause other people is covered by this policy. Personal property is not covered. For instance, if someone is hurt inside your home or if your boat damages expensive property, or if you hit someone with it. Additionally, it can shield you from legal actions that may follow liability assertions.

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Water Damage VS Flood Damage: What You Should Know

At TAS Insurance Agency, we serve the Phillipsburg, NJ area with a wide range of loss prevention products, including home insurance. One of the most misunderstood areas of protection in a home insurance policy is that of water damage.

Many policyholders believe basic home insurance includes flood insurance. It does not.

Flood insurance is additional protection administered by FEMA and needs to be added to your basic homeowners’ insurance policy. Water damage, however, is likely included under your basic policy.

What’s the difference?

Flood damage generally occurs from natural sources like rain, rivers, oceans, lakes, and overflowing streams. When this rising water enters the home, the damage it causes is usually considered flood damage.

Water damage generally comes from internal sources in the home, such as water pipes that have leaked, malfunctioning appliances like washers or dishwashers, overflowing toilets, or sewage pipe backups.

While your basic home insurance will likely cover water damage based on your specific policy provisions, flood insurance is a different story that you should be familiar with.

As the climate changes, flood plains are changing, and more people are at risk from flood damage than ever before. If you haven’t reviewed your home insurance in years and are not sure of the status of flood insurance protection, reach out to us. We can review your policy to ensure you are protected from both water damage and flood damage.

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The Owner’s Responsibility: Explaining Deductables

In Phillipsburg, NJ and throughout the state, deductibles are the policy owner’s responsibility to pay out-of-pocket costs when comp, collision, or personal injury protection (PIP) becomes a factor. Auto insurance covers the most significant part of the bill with these policies, whereas there is no out-of-pocket cost when liability alone is a factor in an accident. 

The monthly premium covers the insurance on the damages, but at-fault drivers must pay a minimum which varies between different insurance companies. No one is at fault when the comp is a factor, but the policyholder still must come up with the minimum cost per the policy. One thing to note is that the lower the deductible, the higher the premium. 

Factors in Comp and Collision Deductibles

Vehicles that are financed are required to have comp and collision. The minimum deductible depends on the requirements of the finance company or bank at the time of purchase. Some companies have a minimum deductible of $250 to as high as $5K. 

When an accident happens, and the driver is at fault, the insurance companies will look into the repairs or total loss of the vehicle. They will calculate the cost of repairs or the car’s book value and subtract the deductible from the price. The insurance company will then cut a check for the final amount; the policy owner is responsible for the rest. 

Deductibles from PIP

PIP deductibles can start at $250 and go as high as $250,000. This covers all personal injuries in accidents as the deductible works the same for the medical bills as for the comp and collision. 

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Does Your Small Business Need Commercial Insurance?

As owners of TAS Insurance Agency in Phillipsburg, NJ, we understand the importance of commercial insurance for small businesses. The right insurance coverage can give you peace of mind and assurance that your business has the protection it needs.

Protecting Against Unexpected Events

Unexpected events can happen no matter how small or well-established your business is. Commercial insurance can help protect your business against risks like property damage, theft, and liability claims. Without commercial insurance, your business could be vulnerable to financial losses and lawsuits.

Meeting Legal Requirements

Whether you are legally required to have commercial insurance or not, having it can provide peace of mind and protect your business from potential legal issues. However, in some states, including New Jersey, commercial insurance is legally required for firms. For example, if your company has employees, you may need to carry workers’ compensation insurance to cover medical costs if an injury occurs to an employee on the job.

Building Trust with Customers

Having commercial insurance can also help build trust with your customers. Showing customers that your business is fully insured is one way to show your commitment to protecting their interests and being prepared to handle unexpected situations. This can help build customer trust and increase their confidence in your business.

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At TAS Insurance Agency, we offer a range of commercial insurance policies to meet the unique needs of small businesses in Phillipsburg, NJ. Whether you are looking for liability coverage, property insurance, or workers’ compensation, we have you covered. Contact us today to learn more about our commercial insurance options and how we can help protect your business.

Home Insurance for Unique Homes: What You Need to Consider

Home insurance is an important investment that protects the financial stability of a homeowner. But what if you own a unique property? Do conventional home insurance policies still apply? Our experts at TAS Insurance Agency, serving the Phillipsburg, NJ area, are here to help you understand the nuances of home insurance for unique homes.

What Qualifies as a "Unique Home"?

A “unique home” can refer to any structure or dwelling that is outside of the typical single-family home, townhouse, or condominium. Examples include historic buildings, log cabins, mobile homes, apartments in converted buildings, and even watercrafts like houseboats. Depending on your local laws and regulations, these types of dwellings may require additional paperwork or inspections before obtaining coverage.

How Does this Form of Home Insurance Differ?

Home insurance for unique homes may differ from standard home insurance in several ways. For starters, the cost and coverage can vary depending on the type of dwelling you own and its location. You’ll also want to make sure that your policy includes additional coverage to protect against natural disasters, vandalism, theft, and other common perils. Additionally, it’s important to work with a knowledgeable agent who understands the specific needs of proprietors of unique homes so they can provide tailored advice based on your particular situation.

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At TAS Insurance Agency serving the Phillipsburg, NJ area, we have years of experience helping homeowners secure home insurance policies for their unique properties. Our experienced agents are dedicated to helping you find coverage for your home that meets all of your needs.

We understand the risk factors associated with owning a unique property and strive to provide our clients with peace of mind. Reach out to us today for more information about our home insurance policies or to get started on getting the proper protection for your unique home.

Three things you shouldn’t assume about umbrella insurance

Purchasing umbrella insurance could turn out to be one of the best things you ever do to protect your assets. Consumers in Phillipsburg, NJ can purchase umbrella insurance from TAS Insurance Agency. 

Being well-informed is important for making the right decisions about insurance.

Here are three things you should know not to assume when it comes to umbrella insurance:

You’re not rich enough to need umbrella insurance.

Some people associate umbrella insurance with the rich. You might not consider that you have a high enough net worth to be a target for lawsuits.

However, individuals can end up needing to file umbrella insurance claims even if they’re not especially wealthy. It’s always best to protect your hard-earned net worth. 

You don’t need umbrella insurance if you already have auto and home insurance.

Umbrella insurance is not a type of insurance that replaces either auto or home insurance. Rather, umbrella insurance complements these insurance policies by offering added coverage after these policies have reached their maximums.

You actually must have another type of insurance like home or auto insurance in order to take out an umbrella insurance policy to begin with .

No one really needs umbrella insurance.

You might think that umbrella insurance is a type of insurance that people only very rarely file claims on. However, that is not the case. 

Umbrella insurance claims are typically filed to get coverage for lawsuit expenses. You probably know that lawsuits are very common, so umbrella insurance is an important type of insurance to have. 

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What Does Flood Insurance Typically Not Cover?

Ensuring that you have the proper coverage for your home and belongings is an essential part of protecting your real estate investment. There are no laws in Phillipsburg, NJ that mandate the purchase of flood insurance, but your lender will usually require it if you live in a hazardous area, particularly if it is government-backed. 

Flood Insurance Exclusions

There are perils that are typically not included in your plan, and your TAS Insurance Agency representative can go over the specifics of these with you. Broadly speaking, however, damage that occurs from gradual moisture and not from a sudden flooding event will be outside your coverage. This can be any type of mold or mildew, and this falls under home maintenance responsibilities for the owner. 

Flooding is generally defined as water that first touches the ground before entering your home. This means burst pipes or rainwater that comes in through a break in a window, for example, would not qualify for a claim. 

Another category of disaster is attributable to the movement of the earth, and even if this happens as a result of flooding, it is considered separate and will not be listed under covered perils. This can include sinkholes or mudslides. 

Unlike homeowners insurance, your flood insurance will usually extend only to the insured building and not other edifices on your property, such as sheds, workspaces, or barns. Your swimming pool, patios, and decks will also be excluded from coverage. The contents of your home will be protected except for your currency, bonds, stocks, or precious metals, like gold or silver coins or blocks. 

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Types of Auto Insurance Coverage

Getting a car you can call your own is a big deal, especially in the United States. It means going places on your own without the need to wait for other people to drive you around.

With a new car comes new responsibilities. You need to keep up with regular maintenance and all the legal stuff, such as getting it registered and licensed and getting insurance to cover it. Most states require you to have a minimum amount of auto insurance. TAS Insurance Agency, serving the greater Phillipsburg, NJ community, can help you navigate the different types of auto insurance available for your needs. 

What types of auto insurance coverage are available?

There are several types of auto insurance. The three main types most insurance companies offer are liability coverage, comprehensive and collision coverage, and underinsured/uninsured driver coverage. Let’s look at the definitions of each type.

Liability coverage

To drive legally, you are required to have a minimum amount of liability coverage. The amount that you need is dependent on the state you live in. Liability insurance covers the other driver and passengers if you get into an accident that you caused.

Comprehensive and collision coverage

Comprehensive coverage helps pay for damage to your vehicle if it gets damaged by something other than a collision. It can come from natural disasters, fire, and other things that can cause damage. Collision coverage is what it sounds like; any damage done to your vehicle when you get into an accident. Your vehicle will be covered whether you caused the accident or not.

Underinsured/uninsured driver coverage

If you get into an accident with another driver, their liability insurance usually covers your damages and medical bills from the accident they caused. What do you do if they do not have insurance or don’t have enough? Underinsured/uninsured driver coverage comes in to save the day. You still get things covered even if the other driver does not have the proper insurance coverage.

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How Commercial Insurance Can Help Protect Your Small Business

Commercial insurance protects businesses from financial losses due to events such as natural disasters, terrorism, and business interruptions. It can also protect companies against lawsuits and damage caused by third-party accidents or acts. TAS Insurance Agency, serving the greater Phillipsburg, NJ community, is here to answer your queries. 

Why Is Commercial Insurance Important for My Business?

Startups and small business owners choose commercial insurance policies to safeguard their small businesses from financial loss in the face of unexpected business interruption or work stoppage that is out of the owner’s control.

Below are answers to common questions about why New Jersey small business owners protect their businesses with commercial insurance.

What coverage can commercial insurance provide in natural disasters?

Insurance provides financial protection in a natural disaster (like an earthquake), terrorist attack, or other catastrophic events.

What protection does commercial insurance offer against technology-related disruptions?

Business insurance can help mitigate risk from unexpected business disruptions (like cyberattacks).

What financial protection does commercial insurance provide?

Insurance can protect against lawsuits and financial losses resulting from incidents with third-party customers or suppliers.

How Can Commercial Insurance Help My NJ Small Business?

There are various types and levels of commercial insurance available to small businesses, so it’s important to speak with an agent specializing in this area to find the right coverage for your business.

Common features of commercial insurance coverage include liability insurance, property damage insurance, contract enforcement services (like credit monitoring), and business interruption coverage.

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Commercial insurance is a valuable tool that can help safeguard your company against potential financial disasters. Speak with an agent at TAS Insurance Agency to learn about the best coverage options for business owners in the Phillipsburg, NJ area!

How to Protect Your Home When You are Away

TAS Insurance Agency has long provided Phillipsburg, NJ area homeowners with the coverage they need for their homes. In doing so, we address the common concerns that often arise, especially when our clients plan a trip away from their homes. Vacations are exciting, but most people forget about protecting their homes while they are away.

Here are some proper steps you should take to protect your home on the inside and the outside:

Inside the house

  • Set timers on inside lights to make it look like there is someone at home.
  • Unplug all electronics or have them hooked up to a surge protector in case of a power surge.
  • Don’t make status updates. Status updates tell potential burglars when you are leaving and when you will be back.
  • Alert your alarm company that you will be gone for a while.
  • Secure your valuables in a lockbox, or put them in an unusual place where someone won’t think to look.
  • Set HVAC to a controlled temperature.
  • Insulate pipes and ask a trusted family member or friend to check that the pipes don’t freeze.

Outside the house

  • Arrange for lawn care. If the lawn isn’t maintained, it can show everyone around that you are not there.
  • Stop mail and newspapers. Newspapers and mail piling up at the door are like a huge beacon to burglars.
  • Set outside lights on timers so that they turn on and off to make it look like someone is there.
  • Don’t leave spare keys outside. If you can think of a place to hide it, then a burglar will most likely find it. Instead, leave a spare key with a trusted friend or family member.
  • Lock the garage even if there is no inside entrance from the garage. If you have an automatic garage opener, disconnect it.

Make Sure to Get Coverage For Your Home

These tips help protect your home from burglary, flooding, potential fires, etc. While all these are important tips, do not forget to get or update the insurance coverage for your most important asset – your home. Contact our team of insurance experts at TAS Insurance Agency in Phillipsburg, NJ for all your insurance needs.