Is Your Home Covered From Pest Damage?

Pest damage is one of those serious home problems that can be so frustrating to handle. Unfortunately, not everybody understands what their home insurance can and cannot do to manage pests in their home. That’s why we at TAS Insurance Agency are ready to answer your questions. We serve the Phillipsburg, NJ area and can help you better understand what your policy covers.

Pest Coverage is Complex

Typically, pest damage is not covered by your home insurance because it is considered preventable damage. In other words, insurance companies believe that pests invasions are caused by homeowner negligence and, as a result, shouldn’t be covered by their policy because it could have been stopped.

That said, your policy may cover what is known as “unexpected damage” that pests cause. One classic example of this unexpected damage is when ants chew into your wiring and cause a fire. While the damage caused by the chewing ants is not covered, a fire is not an expected result of ant infestation.

As a result, your insurance will cover any damage caused by the fire but not by the ants itself. So, if there is significant ant-related damage separate from the fire-affected area, you will have to pay to replace it yourself. These fine points may seem confusing until you talk to a professional about them.

Get Help Today

If you think that your home is likely to experience pest-related damage and you want to get protection, please don’t hesitate to contact us at TAS Insurance Agency serving Phillipsburg, NJ to learn more. We can help you understand what your policy does and does not cover and will identify an option that makes more sense for your needs as a homeowner, saving you money and time in the process.