Required Auto Insurance in New Jersey

When you get auto insurance in New Jersey, it works differently than in other states. There are two policy types that auto owners can choose from- the standard policy and the basic policy. The basic policy has very basic coverage in small amounts, and those amounts can’t be increased with this policy type. The standard policy has similar minimum amounts as the basic policy, but the amounts can be increased if desired. Because these amounts are so small, it’s generally recommended to get a standard policy and to increase the amounts of coverage above the minimum amount for better protection.

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Liability Coverage in New Jersey

When it comes to bodily injury liability, it’s always best to have a good amount of it to stay well-protected. The basic policy doesn’t include this coverage, but it is available in a small amount if requested. The standard policy has amounts of this coverage that include one amount for one person who has been injured in an accident and a higher amount that is available for all of the people who are injured. This type of coverage pays for the medical bills for the other party when required. For property damage liability, the coverage pays for damage to the property of the other person in the accident. There is a small amount of it included in the basic policy, and this same amount is included in the standard policy, though it can be increased.

Other Coverage Types

Personal injury protection is coverage that pays for your own medical bills after an accident. There is a set amount of this available in the basic policy, and this same amount is the minimum included in the standard policy. Coverage for uninsured or underinsured motorists is not available with basic policies, but it can be added to standard policies if you want it. 

Get Your New Jersey Auto Insurance

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