How Commercial Insurance Can Help Protect Your Small Business

Commercial insurance protects businesses from financial losses due to events such as natural disasters, terrorism, and business interruptions. It can also protect companies against lawsuits and damage caused by third-party accidents or acts. TAS Insurance Agency, serving the greater Phillipsburg, NJ community, is here to answer your queries. 

Why Is Commercial Insurance Important for My Business?

Startups and small business owners choose commercial insurance policies to safeguard their small businesses from financial loss in the face of unexpected business interruption or work stoppage that is out of the owner’s control.

Below are answers to common questions about why New Jersey small business owners protect their businesses with commercial insurance.

What coverage can commercial insurance provide in natural disasters?

Insurance provides financial protection in a natural disaster (like an earthquake), terrorist attack, or other catastrophic events.

What protection does commercial insurance offer against technology-related disruptions?

Business insurance can help mitigate risk from unexpected business disruptions (like cyberattacks).

What financial protection does commercial insurance provide?

Insurance can protect against lawsuits and financial losses resulting from incidents with third-party customers or suppliers.

How Can Commercial Insurance Help My NJ Small Business?

There are various types and levels of commercial insurance available to small businesses, so it’s important to speak with an agent specializing in this area to find the right coverage for your business.

Common features of commercial insurance coverage include liability insurance, property damage insurance, contract enforcement services (like credit monitoring), and business interruption coverage.

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Commercial insurance is a valuable tool that can help safeguard your company against potential financial disasters. Speak with an agent at TAS Insurance Agency to learn about the best coverage options for business owners in the Phillipsburg, NJ area!