What Does Flood Insurance Typically Not Cover?

Ensuring that you have the proper coverage for your home and belongings is an essential part of protecting your real estate investment. There are no laws in Phillipsburg, NJ that mandate the purchase of flood insurance, but your lender will usually require it if you live in a hazardous area, particularly if it is government-backed. 

Flood Insurance Exclusions

There are perils that are typically not included in your plan, and your TAS Insurance Agency representative can go over the specifics of these with you. Broadly speaking, however, damage that occurs from gradual moisture and not from a sudden flooding event will be outside your coverage. This can be any type of mold or mildew, and this falls under home maintenance responsibilities for the owner. 

Flooding is generally defined as water that first touches the ground before entering your home. This means burst pipes or rainwater that comes in through a break in a window, for example, would not qualify for a claim. 

Another category of disaster is attributable to the movement of the earth, and even if this happens as a result of flooding, it is considered separate and will not be listed under covered perils. This can include sinkholes or mudslides. 

Unlike homeowners insurance, your flood insurance will usually extend only to the insured building and not other edifices on your property, such as sheds, workspaces, or barns. Your swimming pool, patios, and decks will also be excluded from coverage. The contents of your home will be protected except for your currency, bonds, stocks, or precious metals, like gold or silver coins or blocks. 

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