Condo Insurance in New Jersey

Owning a condo in Stewartsville, NJ can provide you with countless benefits. You get a beautiful home without the same level of upkeep as a single-family home. Buying condo insurance is critical, though, and at TAS Insurance Agency, we can assist you with the process.

Why is condo insurance necessary?

One of the top misconceptions of owning a condo is that there’s no need for insurance. Condo insurance is a requirement. While it’s not required by the state of New Jersey, it is required by your mortgage company and, most likely, the owner of the building.

The association dues that you pay at your condo only covers your access to shared spaces. It doesn’t provide protection for what’s inside of your home. Further, the condo has insurance for the building but not for your individual unit.

You need to know that if something happens to the condo unit that you’re covered – and with the right policy, you can be.

How Condo Insurance Protects

Your condo is your home, so it’s only fitting that you have financial protection in place. This is why you need to spend some time looking at how condo insurance will properly protect you.

A typical condominium policy is going to provide you with coverage in a few different areas:

  • condo unit itself
  • Your personal property
  • Loss of use
  • Personal liability
  • Medical payments to others

It’s always important to read the fine print – and that’s why it’s a good idea to work with an agent. We’ll be sure that your policy provides the coverage where and when you need it the most. If riders need to be added, we’ll make recommendations to protect you to the fullest.

Start shopping for affordable condo insurance in New Jersey with us today. Call or stop by to see us at TAS Insurance Agency. One of our agents can answer questions and help to customize a policy to meet your needs in Stewartsville, NJ.