Health Insurance in New Jersey

Should you get sick or injured, you want to know you can get the medical assistance you need. Health insurance in New Jersey doesn’t have to be expensive. When you’re in Stewartsville, NJ, you can turn to us at TAS Insurance Agency to explore your options.

Know Your Options

One of the great things about buying health insurance is that there are options. There’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all. Some people need more coverage than others due to pre-existing conditions, being more prone to injury, and more.

You may already have a doctor that you know and love in Stewartsville, NJ or you may be okay with going to any doctor – and the availability of doctors will depend on your plan as well as the network of your plan.

An HMO plan requires you to go to doctors within a network.

A PPO plan allows you to go to any doctor of your choosing.

Meanwhile, an HSA provides you with a spending limit to take care of your healthcare needs.

The Cost of Health Insurance

It’s important that you understand the real cost of health insurance in New Jersey. It’s so much more than the monthly premiums – and that’s why you should always work with an insurance agent.

We’ll take the time to help you explore all the costs involved with a plan, including:

  • Monthly premiums
  • Co-pays
  • Deductibles
  • Prescription costs

Every plan is a little different in terms of what your out-of-pocket expenses are. Rather than choosing the cheapest monthly plan, you want to look at the big picture. This means taking the time to compare a few different plans, so you know what the estimated annual costs are going to be. It can ensure you get the care you need all year long.

When you’re ready to get health insurance, contact us at TAS Insurance Agency. One of our independent agents can work to find you the coverage you can count on.