Credit Card Processing in New Jersey

Automotive Dealership Services

Benchmark Payment Networks, Inc. have developed a thorough understanding of the automotive industry and the various needs of dealerships. In order to understand how our products work efficiently within a dealership, we have made field trips to individual locations, presentations at "20 Groups", and analyzed general and specific industry data. We believe that we have used all of this information to provide the best possible service and products. To get started, a merchant typically provides 2 recent monthly Visa/Mastercard merchant processing statements from each location. We then prepare a comprehensive analysis at no charge explaining how Benchmark can save you money and improve the quality of your processing relationship. The points below illustrate some of the features and programs we offer to all dealerships in order to maximize the efficiency of electronic payment acceptance and keep costs down.

  • Customized Analysis and Recommendation
  • Unique specialized equipment
  • Personalized Customer Support and Training
  • Customized Reporting and Online Reporting
  • Security/Fraud Prevention-Ongoing Education
  • Check Guarantee Program/Eliminates Risk, Saves Time
  • Gift Card Programs
  • Seamless Integration/No Downtime

Benchmark Payment Networks has a specifically trained group of customer service representatives that understand the needs of the Automotive Dealer. This includes 24 hour customer support, and recurring training and support on all of the Benchmark products that are utilized by a given dealership. Benchmark Payment Networks is proud to be working with Automotive Dealers around the country. Our goal is to help each individual dealer grow their business and make it as efficient as possible. We thank you for this exciting opportunity, and we look forward to helping your dealership grow and prosper.

If you would like to have one of our representatives contact you, please submit the following information.