Home Insurance Coverage and Trees

Home insurance is a valuable investment tool that helps protect you from unexpected and accidental losses of all types. One type of loss could come from trees. The trees around your home may add to the aesthetics of it and may offer the shade you need on a hot day. Yet, they are also large structures that are prone to causing damage to others. 

Protecting your home from tree damage is important. Having enough home insurance to cover an accident that does happen is critical. At TAS Insurance Agency, we help people in and around Phillipsburg, NJ, to keep them protected from unexpected events.

When Can Home Insurance Help with Trees?

If a tree falls on your home due to storm damage, your home insurance company may help with the repairs. You may also get help if your tree falls onto your neighbor’s property, such as causing damage to their home. It may help to cover any damage.

There are limitations that you should consider. For example, home insurance typically does not provide coverage in situations where you have normal wear and tear on your roof due to the tree scraping against it. You also may not be able to get coverage for problems related to a diseased tree falling in your yard. It’s still up to you to ensure trees are safe and your property is well maintained.

When accidents happen, though, your insurance policy could be helpful. After all, it takes just a lightning strike to take a healthy tree down, causing damage to your home and property as it does.

Let Our Team Update Your Policy for You

Make sure your home insurance offers enough coverage to protect you. Call TAS Insurance Agency to help with home insurance in Phillipsburg, NJ, and protect your home.