8 Things to Know About Flood Insurance

For many, flood insurance is a bit of a mystery. Is flood insurance included as part of a home insurance policy? What is covered under flood insurance, and what qualifies as a flood? At TAS Insurance Agency in Phillipsburg, NJ, we feel the more you understand your loss prevention coverage, the more likely you will be protected when there’s a problem. You don’t need to be an insurance expert, but here are some things you should know about flood insurance.

8 Things to Know About Flood Insurance

1. Flood Insurance Is Not a Part of Most Base Home Insurance Policies

Flood insurance is managed by FEMA and is separate coverage from that of a standard home insurance policy. Flood insurance needs to be applied for and acquired as separate coverage. 

2. How Is Flooding Defined?

For flood insurance purposes, flooding is defined as water that comes from external sources like rain, snow, and rivers or lakes that have exceeded their banks and caused damage to property. The TAS can help in your acquisition of flood insurance.

3. Your Need for Flood Insurance Can Change

Climate change, construction, and new developments can change your risk of flooding over the years. Floodplains can change, and groundwater levels can rise. It is important to assess your risks annually and consider if you should add flood insurance.

4. How Big is The Risk From Flooding

Flooding risks are adjusted annually, but recent figures state that about 146 million Americans are in danger of experiencing flooding in their communities. In addition, about 6.5 million are at risk for moderate flooding and 1.5 million are in danger of being impacted by major flooding. The potential for flooding exists in the vast majority of the United States.

5. Flood Insurance Can Help Pay Living Expenses

If your home becomes unlivable due to damage from a flood, flood insurance can help pay for hotel and restaurant costs while flooding recedes and repairs are made.

7. Your Mortgage Broker or Finance Company May Require Flood Insurance

If your home is financed, and you live in a flood zone or area of a higher risk of flooding, the holder of your mortgage may require flood insurance. This is to minimize their risks when flooding occurs.

8. Businesses Should Consider Flood Insurance

Since business insurance generally doesn’t include coverage from flooding, business owners should also assess their risks and consider flood insurance.

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Water Damage VS Flood Damage: What You Should Know

At TAS Insurance Agency, we serve the Phillipsburg, NJ area with a wide range of loss prevention products, including home insurance. One of the most misunderstood areas of protection in a home insurance policy is that of water damage.

Many policyholders believe basic home insurance includes flood insurance. It does not.

Flood insurance is additional protection administered by FEMA and needs to be added to your basic homeowners’ insurance policy. Water damage, however, is likely included under your basic policy.

What’s the difference?

Flood damage generally occurs from natural sources like rain, rivers, oceans, lakes, and overflowing streams. When this rising water enters the home, the damage it causes is usually considered flood damage.

Water damage generally comes from internal sources in the home, such as water pipes that have leaked, malfunctioning appliances like washers or dishwashers, overflowing toilets, or sewage pipe backups.

While your basic home insurance will likely cover water damage based on your specific policy provisions, flood insurance is a different story that you should be familiar with.

As the climate changes, flood plains are changing, and more people are at risk from flood damage than ever before. If you haven’t reviewed your home insurance in years and are not sure of the status of flood insurance protection, reach out to us. We can review your policy to ensure you are protected from both water damage and flood damage.

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What Does Flood Insurance Typically Not Cover?

Ensuring that you have the proper coverage for your home and belongings is an essential part of protecting your real estate investment. There are no laws in Phillipsburg, NJ that mandate the purchase of flood insurance, but your lender will usually require it if you live in a hazardous area, particularly if it is government-backed. 

Flood Insurance Exclusions

There are perils that are typically not included in your plan, and your TAS Insurance Agency representative can go over the specifics of these with you. Broadly speaking, however, damage that occurs from gradual moisture and not from a sudden flooding event will be outside your coverage. This can be any type of mold or mildew, and this falls under home maintenance responsibilities for the owner. 

Flooding is generally defined as water that first touches the ground before entering your home. This means burst pipes or rainwater that comes in through a break in a window, for example, would not qualify for a claim. 

Another category of disaster is attributable to the movement of the earth, and even if this happens as a result of flooding, it is considered separate and will not be listed under covered perils. This can include sinkholes or mudslides. 

Unlike homeowners insurance, your flood insurance will usually extend only to the insured building and not other edifices on your property, such as sheds, workspaces, or barns. Your swimming pool, patios, and decks will also be excluded from coverage. The contents of your home will be protected except for your currency, bonds, stocks, or precious metals, like gold or silver coins or blocks. 

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Tips For When Your Home Is Flooded

A natural disaster can strike at any time without warning leaving homeowners struggling to pick up the pieces. Floods are the most common natural disaster in the United States, so it’s critical to be prepared. TAS Insurance Agency in Phillipsburg NJ can help you provide flood insurance coverage and related advice. 

Here are a few tips on what to do if your home is flooded:

Contact Your Insurance Agency

The first thing you should do is call your insurance agent and file a claim. Document the damage by taking pictures and videos of the affected areas. Make a list of all damaged or lost items for your insurance adjuster. These items can include everything from clothing and appliances to furniture and electronics.

Start the Clean-Up Process

Next, begin the process of cleaning and repairing your home. If the water damage is extensive, you may need to call in a professional water damage restoration company. Otherwise, you can start by removing any wet carpeting, flooring, or drywall. Be sure to open all the windows and doors to allow for proper ventilation. If possible, use fans and dehumidifiers to speed up the drying process. 

Prevent Mold and Mildew

Once your home is dry, you can begin cleaning and disinfecting all surfaces with bleach or another EPA-approved disinfectant. Pay special attention to areas where mold and mildew are likely to form, such as around toilets, under sinks, in closets, and any other damp or dark areas. You could also call a professional company to help eliminate or prevent any mildew given that it can be dangerous to your health.

Get Flood Insurance Today

No one ever wants to think about their home being flooded, but it’s important to be prepared in case it does happen. By following these simple tips, you can minimize the damage caused by flooding and get your home back to normal as quickly as possible. Contact TAS Insurance Agency in Phillipsburg, NJ for comprehensive flood insurance.

Do you need flood insurance?

If you are a resident in the greater Phillipsburg, NJ area, TAS Insurance Agency can help you with all of your insurance needs. We want the members of our community to have the protection they need!

Flood insurance, is it necessary for you?

There are a lot of questions that people have when it comes to flood insurance. We can help answer all of your questions and can inform you if flood insurance is necessary for you.

Typically, it is very apparent when you need flood insurance. Financial and lending institutions will require that a policy is in place as part of your mortgage. Other times, the need for flood insurance isn’t as apparent. The bottom line, even when it is not required, there are several different situations where having flood insurance is a great idea.

Low lying areas that receive damage from floods are great candidates for flood insurance. And, in other areas, it is unlikely that your homeowner’s policy will cover damage caused by a flood. The bottom line is that it’s worth your time to find out more about flood insurance and how it can help you to protect your home and belongings. 

A flood insurance policy can help to close any gaps that may exist in your primary policy.

Let’s find out more about flood insurance.

The team at TAS Insurance Agency is here to help our friends and neighbors in the greater Phillipsburg, NJ area with all of their insurance needs, including flood insurance. Find out more by giving our office a call today. We look forward to working with you!

How do you know if you need flood insurance?

How do you know if you need flood insurance?

Whether you live inside or outside of a high-risk flood area, if you own property, you should consider purchasing flood insurance for the protection and peace of mind it brings. Let TAS Insurance Agency, serving Phillipsburg, NJ, help you understand when your property requires flood insurance.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) creates flood maps that rate the flood risk of an area. All properties located within this area get designated with that risk rating. Any property within a high-risk flood area must obtain flood insurance as long as it has a mortgage outstanding. That’s because the government, via the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), insures all mortgages. The government doesn’t want to lose its money, so it requires flood insurance via the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).

The government does not get your insurance premiums though. NFIP merely approves local insurance carriers who meet quality checks to offer you flood insurance.

You can easily find out if you need to buy flood insurance. If you already purchased your home, locate your closing paperwork. Find the section in the documents titled "Natural Hazards Disclosures." If there is a disclosure listed that classifies your property as Zone A or Zone B, you purchased property at high risk for flooding.

If you have yet to purchase property and you’re just house hunting, you can find out without the purchase information. You can look at a FEMA map to know if you will need insurance. You visit your post office or county assessor’s office to look at a map. Simply check the property address on the map. If it lies in Zone A or Zone B, it requires flood insurance.

Contact TAS Insurance Agency serving Phillipsburg, NJ, to learn more about flood insurance and what options you have. Ask us about contents only policies for renters, if you did not buy your property.

What does flood insurance cover

Floods cause devastation across the US every year, especially in the spring. It has gotten more common in recent years, which places additional people in danger. Cities and towns that normally haven’t been in danger of flooding are no longer safe. Everyone who lives in an area that might be in danger of flooding should consider having flood insurance. At TAS Insurance Agency in Phillipsburg, NJ, we are locally owned and operated and provide our customers with multiple carriers to choose from. 

The majority of flood insurance is purchase through the NFIP and managed by FEMA. It is offered to eligible people through a network of approved carriers. It doesn’t matter which carrier you chose. The government determines the rates, so choose the carrier you prefer and know provides great service. Flood insurance through NFIP is available to those who live in one of the 23,000 communities who participate. Other options are available for those who do not live in one of the participating communities. 

NFIP offers two separate policies. One is for the property, and one is for the contents. You can purchase just one, or you can purchase both. The choice is yours. The amount the policy covers is limited, and if you need more coverage than they can provide, you should look into the other available options. Typically, property coverage has a $250,000 limit and content has $100,000. These are the maximum amounts the policy will pay no matter what the actual replacement cost is. Both policies come with a deductible. 

Property coverage protects the physical building and the main systems in the home, such as electric, plumbing, and HVAC. It also covers any built-in content include major appliances. 

Contents insurance covers furniture, clothing, household items, washer and dryer, window cooling units, and electronics. 

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