Water Damage VS Flood Damage: What You Should Know

At TAS Insurance Agency, we serve the Phillipsburg, NJ area with a wide range of loss prevention products, including home insurance. One of the most misunderstood areas of protection in a home insurance policy is that of water damage.

Many policyholders believe basic home insurance includes flood insurance. It does not.

Flood insurance is additional protection administered by FEMA and needs to be added to your basic homeowners’ insurance policy. Water damage, however, is likely included under your basic policy.

What’s the difference?

Flood damage generally occurs from natural sources like rain, rivers, oceans, lakes, and overflowing streams. When this rising water enters the home, the damage it causes is usually considered flood damage.

Water damage generally comes from internal sources in the home, such as water pipes that have leaked, malfunctioning appliances like washers or dishwashers, overflowing toilets, or sewage pipe backups.

While your basic home insurance will likely cover water damage based on your specific policy provisions, flood insurance is a different story that you should be familiar with.

As the climate changes, flood plains are changing, and more people are at risk from flood damage than ever before. If you haven’t reviewed your home insurance in years and are not sure of the status of flood insurance protection, reach out to us. We can review your policy to ensure you are protected from both water damage and flood damage.

We Can Help!

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