Prepare For a Commercial Insurance Inspection Process

An inspection of your commercial buildings and land will determine the level of coverage that your commercial insurance policy should provide and identify any issues that require your attention. Use the following steps to prepare for an upcoming commercial inspection.


The inspection will reveal the current state of each building on your land and determine the status of your land. During an inspection, structural, electrical, and plumbing materials will be assessed.

An inspector may test the drainage conditions of the land. The results of the inspection will determine the risk of insuring your place of business and influence the level of insurance coverage that you will need to adequately protect your buildings and land.

Cleaning Steps

Prepare your buildings and land for the upcoming inspection. Walk through each building, removing loose items that are in the way. If there are any dirty surfaces that could hinder the inspection process, clean them.

Walk around outdoors. Move loose items and place them in a secure area. If the exterior of each building is dirty, use a hose to rinse it off. Ensuring that your property is clean and orderly will support a smooth inspection process.

Inspection Process

A representative from your insurance company will schedule a time to complete the inspection. You may need to be present during the actual inspection. At the end of the inspection, you will have the opportunity to consult with the representative.

Contact TAS Insurance Agency

Ensure that your commercial buildings and land are always adequately insured. Contact one of our TAS Insurance Agency representatives. An agent who serves Phillipsburg, NJ, will schedule an appointment for you.