Four reasons why you might need to make some changes to your home insurance policy

Homeowners need to realize how important it is to update their insurance coverage through the years. Consumers in Phillipsburg, NJ can consult us at TAS Insurance Agency to learn more about any changes they should be making through the years on their home insurance policy. 

The following are four reasons why you might need to make some changes to your home insurance policy. 

You’ve put an addition on your home.

When you buy home insurance, you usually need to provide your home insurance provider with information about your home such as your home’s square footage.

If you put an addition on your home, your home’s square footage and potentially its value will change. When your home’s square footage and value change, your home insurance provider should know. That’s why policyholders should update their home insurance when they make an addition to their home. 

You’ve bought a second property that you’ll live in some of the time.

If you’re no longer living in your home full-time, this could impact your home insurance needs. Discuss such changes with your insurance provider to see if your policy needs to be updated. 

You’ve invested in home security.

If you’ve recently invested in home security, you might be able to qualify for home insurance discounts. That’s why you should definitely let your insurance provider know if you’ve recently bought security features like surveillance cameras or a home alarm system. 

Real estate market prices have changed significantly in your area in recent years.

A home insurance policy should insure you for your home’s full value. If your home increases in value because real estate market values have gone up, you might want to invest in added coverage. 

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